Cross of Christ Lutheran Church

204 South Chase Street       Houston, MN 55943        507-896-3102

As a fellowship of believers, it is our mission to joyfully proclaim the gospel of Christ in word and deed, inviting people to worship together, nurturing them in the Christian faith, loving one another, and serving a world in need. We invite you to visit us.

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Cross of Christ

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Sunday 9:30 a.m. Service at Cross of Christ
Sunday 9:45 a.m. Sunday School

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If you love to sing please join us on Sunday mornings at 8:15 for choir practice.


We welcome all to join in song & fellowship and to share your musical

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Practices are at 8:15 a.m. Sunday mornings.



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Preparing with Prayer

I heard the knock at the door, and our young son hurried to see who was there. Our family had returned from Sunday worship services, and I was making preparations for our family dinner. The question from the young caller, “Can you come out and play?” “Sure,” our son replied, “but first I have to take off my holy Christian pants.” Of course he did, because one’s best clothes were reserved for Sunday school and church. Our son, who prepared for Sunday school by wearing his holy Christian pants is now sixty-two years old, and in those decades dress codes have changed because society has determined that casual wear is acceptable for many occasions. I have seen formal invitations stating, “Casual wear is appropriate.” It works and “casual” is easier to launder, too!

Our son’s comment about his pants showed me that he had been listening attentively to what he had heard in Sunday school and worship. Until the 1978 edition of the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW) was published, the third article of the Apostles Creed stated, “I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy Christian church…” It was from this article that our son excerpted the phrase to describe his Sunday best. He found two words to identify his pants. He had no other clothing worthy of that designation. The 1978 edition of LBW prints Article III of the Creed as “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church…,” words that are familiar to all of us today.

Consider all the preparations made for our worship services. Our Pastor spends time preparing the sermon for each Sunday. I had a relative who was a pastor, so about forty-five years ago I asked him about sermon preparation time. He answered, “The minimum is considered to be ten minutes of preparation for every minute in the pulpit.” A six-minute sermon required an hour of study. With the accumulation of new scholarly studies, I am guessing that the prep time to sermon time ratio has a wider spread. The Bible readings for each worship service are selected for the Lectionary printed in the front of our Evangelical Book of Worship (EBW) under the heading “Propers.” The Bible passages are in groups of four, with the first three as readings and the fourth, the Gospel, on which the sermon is based. The groups of four are identified as A, B, or C on a three-year rotation. For 2015 Group B is selected and these Bible readings are used throughout Christian churches worldwide. It is exciting to think that on any given Sunday in another country, in a language foreign to us, Christians are hearing the same Bible passages, which are read for us and by us here at Cross of Christ. September 13th’s readings are listed on page 47, Lectionary 24-B in the EBW. Reading these Bible passages in advance of Sunday would be a wonderful way to prepare for the worship service. The same readings for each Sunday appear in Christ in Our Home devotional booklet available in the racks in the narthex and entries at our church. Each daily devotional begins with the title (so the reader will know what it’s all about), the Bible verse, a helpful explanation, and a closing short prayer. The devotional for September 10th through the 13th used the same Bible verses, which were read on Sunday, September 13. There are six different writers for each three-month devotional so the varied writing styles and experiences make it interesting.

Besides the Pastor, others from our congregation prepare for our Sunday worship, too.

Inez Abraham, for the Cross of Christ Prayer Team


Remember Your Pledge to the Building Fund

Letter from Eric Johnson, Cross of Christ President

On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank all of you that have donated time and money towards the Cross of Christ building project. As you can see, the project has turned out beautiful and is a very nice addition to our church.

I am writing this as a friendly reminder to please ask that all members continue to make timely payments on your pledge. We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow from the Endowment Fund, but we do need to pay those funds back. We also need to raise another $125,000.00 above what has been pledged or currently paid. Any amount paid towards the project would be greatly appreciated.

God bless You All!

Eric Johnson, Council President


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