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As a fellowship of believers, it is our mission to joyfully proclaim the gospel of Christ in word and deed, inviting people to worship together, nurturing them in the Christian faith, loving one another, and serving a world in need. We invite you to visit us.

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Cross of Christ

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Sunday 9:30 a.m. Service at Cross of Christ
Sunday 9:45 a.m. Sunday School

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Women of Cross of Christ:  We need your help!

Our WELCA group is very active.  We meet regularly, we join for Bible study, we make quilts, we provide lunches for funerals, we raise funds for our church and for many missions.  Many of the women in leadership roles in our WELCA have given of their time and talents for many, many years, and we are so blessed to have them!  

BUT—We also need to be building our group for the future.  We need to have “many hands” to “make light work.”  If you haven’t been involved in WELCA, please consider joining us and perhaps even taking on a leadership role in the future.  Many of the wonderful traditions at Cross of Christ will only continue if we have enough members to take on these responsibilities in the future.

PLEASE prayerfully consider what you can do to make sure our WELCA continues to be able to serve our church, our community, and our world!

If you have questions or are interested in becoming more active, please attend a WELCA meeting (the next one is on December 11 at 2:00 pm) or contact current president Denise Rostad or incoming president Susan Ferries.




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Ikungi Lutheran Church

(Cross of Christ's

Partner Church  Tanzania)

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 Cross of Christ Bazaar and Bake Sale

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Many Enjoy Cross of Christ Fall Supper

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Preparing with Prayer, Chapter 2

A puzzling thing happened on the way to printing the October Parish Visitor. The article was intended to direct our attention to the varied ways in which individuals and groups prepare for Sunday worship. The pastor’s diligence through prayerful study and sermon preparation had been noted, and then it ended—abruptly! “Isn’t there more?” I hope you asked. Yes, there is, but it vanished! I thought, “Are there gremlins in cyberspace who snatched the remaining point which would have made it a conclusive presentation? Do these gremlins think that I write too much?” On that, I stand guilty as charged.

I learned a worthwhile lesson through Pastor Dick Jorgenson’s presence at our worship services. To enhance our understanding of the sermon text, he resorted to illustration, which captured our attention. Then followed a pause…and a confession as he admitted, “I just made that up.” He still had our attention.
I, too, “just made up” that gremlin story because I do not know why the intended article for October ended up on the installment plan.

October’s “Preparing with Prayer” concluded with “Besides the Pastor, others from our congregation prepare for our Sunday worship, too.”

And now like the revered late radio newscaster Paul Harvey would announce, “Page 2.”

  • They are our choir director, Jake, and the choir

  • our organists and pianists: Shelley, Gayle, Noah, and Eileen

  • our liturgist, Sue

  • our administrative assistant, Karen

  • our contemporary worship musicians

  • our custodians, Gwen and Lynda

  • our Sunday coffee organizer, Lyn

  • our Rotational Sunday school director, Diane, and her faithful volunteers who make Rotational Sunday school a reality.

In addition to the listed preparers, the largest group remaining is the worshippers—the people in the pews—the rest of us! What should we be doing to prepare for worship?

Enter the church with a prayer for blessing for our church family, including yourself, as our church family experiences this period of transition.

Determine to select a statement from the day’s worship to take with you through the week. Make it your “go to guide.” It might be words from the sermon, a line from a hymn, or a verse from the readings. To paraphrase the urging of the credit card promotion, “Don’t leave home without it.” Don’t leave church without your prayerful blessing for the week. Ask for it, seek it, and claim it!

Cross of Christ’s prayer team welcomes prayer needs from anyone. Please tell us your concerns or meet with us any Wednesday at 10:00 AM in the lounge/ library.

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now you know the rest of the story.”
I had intended to write the November article about sound bites, turn signals and other miscellany, but that will have to wait for another month.

Inez Abraham, For the Cross of Christ Prayer Team


Remember Your Pledge to the Building Fund

Letter from Eric Johnson, Cross of Christ President

On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank all of you that have donated time and money towards the Cross of Christ building project. As you can see, the project has turned out beautiful and is a very nice addition to our church.

I am writing this as a friendly reminder to please ask that all members continue to make timely payments on your pledge. We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow from the Endowment Fund, but we do need to pay those funds back. We also need to raise another $125,000.00 above what has been pledged or currently paid. Any amount paid towards the project would be greatly appreciated.

God bless You All!

Eric Johnson, Council President


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