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As a fellowship of believers, it is our mission to joyfully proclaim the gospel of Christ in word and deed, inviting people to worship together, nurturing them in the Christian faith, loving one another, and serving a world in need. We invite you to visit us.

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Houston County Care & Share

wants  every child in Houston County to have a

Merry Christmas.

  • Pick a tag off of the tree in fellowship hall.

  • Place “unwrapped”  purchase(s) with attached tag under the tree for pick up.

Deadline for gifts to be placed under tree is no later than

Sunday, December 14

Happy Holidays!


Cross of Christ

Cookie Walk


December 7th

After worship in the Fellowship Hall


Christmas Party


December 12th


2:00 p.m.


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Ikungi Lutheran Church

(Cross of Christ's

Partner Church  Tanzania)

History of the Stone Church Cemetery


Stone Church Cemetery Data


Senior Pastor

Lane Zaffke


Karen Todd


Gwen Nelson

Linda McNamer


Shelley Jerviss


Gayle Smith

Senior Choir Director

Jacob Olson


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Sunday 9:30 a.m.

Service at Cross of Christ

Sunday 9:45 a.m.

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Sunday 10:45 a.m.


Saturday 5:00 p.m.

Before 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at Cross of Christ




Christmas Worship Services 

December 24th

5:00 p.m. - Communion Service

10:00 p.m. - Candlelight Service with Communion


 December 25th

9:30 a.m. - Lessons and Carols with Communion


Pastor Lane speaking…

We have now begun a new church year. The church year begins with the first Sunday of Advent, Nov 3oth this year. The most significant change is we begin reading from the Gospel of Mark. Last year most of the gospel readings were from Mathew. The readings from John are used periodically through each year.

The gospel of Mark is considered the earliest written Gospel. It is the shortest of the Gospels. There are stories and events that are in Matthew and Luke but not in Mark. One big thing missing is a Christmas story. Mark begins with the baptism of Jesus. The stories that are in Mark are shorter and to the point. Mark almost seems like the rough draft of the gospels of Matthew and Luke. The Greek isn’t as eloquent as the other gospels.

One big point that is made in Mark that is not contained in the other gospels is the ‘Secret Messiah’! After many of the healing and miracle stories in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus asks the disciples and crowds not to tell anyone. It is a curious request. Jesus does things that only God’s Son can do and he asks people who observe it not to tell. Scholars have debated the “secret Messiah’ theory for centuries.  We are no closer to any satisfying answer today. And yet people did tell and evangelize.

Reading through Mark is like getting back to the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is just the facts as the disciple wrote them down. It is probably that is was written early in the second generation of Christians, about 66-70 AD to maintain a record. Matthew and Luke were written 15-20 years later. I look forward to Mark’s perspective of the Gospel in this coming year.

In Christ, Pastor Lane



Christmas in Our Churches

from Remembering Old Times by Ingrid Julsrud


(Note:  Ingrid Julsrud was a long time resident of Houston. She at one time wrote a column for the Houston paper focusing on the "Post Card" era which began around the turn of the 20th Century and continued through World War I. This coincided with Miss Julsrud's growing-up years. She was a lifetime member of the Lutheran Church in Houston which at one time was St. Peter's Lutheran Church.}


      Christmas holds many memories. One of the fondest is the ringing of the church bells at 5 o'clock on Christmas Eve. There were four churches in town during my early childhood and all joined in ringing of the bells. It was thrilling and set the mood for the whole holiday season. Later on when the Baptist church was built in town, it also joined in the ringing.

     All Christmas week was a festive time in the village. Each church had its Christmas tree program on a different night during that week. Everyone was invited to attend and of course we kids made most of them. Our church, St. Peter's, always had its program on Sunday evening g after Christmas. There was a big tree at the front of the church that reached to the ceiling. Of course there were candles on it. Just before the gift distribution, two young men came in with lit candles at the end of long poles and lit all the candles on the tree, even those at the very top. While the candles burned the choir sang an anthem and the congregation a carol. The two young

men stood guard around the tree with wet sponges on their poles ready to put out any candle that looked dangerous. After the gifts were distributed, all the candles were extinguished. It seemed as though the whole audience breathed a sigh of relief.

     I remember one program at the Presbyterian Church. It had been a very delightful evening and it was time to distribute the gifts. The candles were lit on the tree and Milton Bailey, the minister's son, came in dressed like Santa Claus to help pass out the gifts. He wore a Santa mask, a long stocking cap, and a red suit trimmed with cotton around the sleeves, on the bottom of the jacket and the bottom of the trousers. He got too near a candle and the cotton caught fire. Milton panicked and started running down the aisle. This of course only fed the flames. The congregation was on its feet shouting and very excited. Dr. Fischer was seated near the aisle halfway down the church. He quickly threw his coat around Milton and extinguished the fire. I don't remember much what happened after that or if Milton was badly  burned, but someone put out the lights on the tree. Someone else calmed the audience as best he could. The remaining gifts were quickly passed out with the candy boxes and apples, but the joy of Christmas was gone for that night



WELCA Christmas Party

December 12th



Elsie and Wayne Olson are showing pictures of their recent trip to Norway.  While in Norway, they attended the 200th anniversary commemorating the signing of the constitution of Norway’s independence on May 17th, 1814. 


Elsie’s great-great-great grandfather was one of the members that signed the constitution.  They were honored guests at the celebration.  Elsie will share these historic memories with us.


Men and women, put on your Norwegian sweater, jewelry, etc and come join us for a festive Norske Day including Scandinavian bakings.




Christ Building

Renovation Project!! 

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